Week 3- Feliz Navidad

I am officially half way done with the MTC. I have done many amazing things here but they don’t compare to having only ironed one shirt in 21 days!

I saw two friends from Oregon this week, Levi Wilson and Koa Koahi. I have yet to find Mitch.
I was blessed with a box of cupcakes from the Briggs family, my district says thanks.
There are 3 other Elder Walkers in my building. 3 of the 4 of us ran into each other and someone insisted on a picture. I expect it soon.
Our Sunday Pioneer devotional was by the Nashville Tribute Band. They just sang songs with the MTC choir (which must have numbered over 1500.) The choir director is amazing and the songs brought a unique spirit. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry when we sang the last song “The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Loved to Do.”
Feliz Navidad!
On Monday we celebrated Christmas in July with a district wide Secret Santa. I gave Elder Hansen a Banana with a personal note and a smiley face craft with a few Hot Tamales (courtesy of the Huffman clan.) Elder Nelson gave me a cute card and a picture of his dog he printed out. He did not disappoint.
Yesterday I had the opprotunity to give a blessing to an Elder who was feeling homesick. Today he went home. It is really tough but we all love him and know that it was a really hard decision. I helped him pack today so I don’t have a lot of time to email. Thanks for your letters,
Elder Walker

Week 2-Q and A with Elder Bednar

     On Sunday the MTC presidency decided it would be beneficial to watch Elder Bednar’s Character of Christ talk. Despite having watched it 7 days earlier I had no objections. When the video was over and the lights flipped on a door by the stage swung open. Out popped Elder Bednar himself. For the next hour we had a question and answer session. It felt strangely personal for a 1 on 2400 person conversation. He talked about how to always have the spirit with you when you teach.
     Our two devotionals this week were amazing. I practiced with the choir both times and we had amazing speakers.
     I thought I would take this time to answer a few questions.
     My zone is on the 4th floor of building 14. The Korean zone is on the 3rd floor. For some reason I am on floor three with all my Korean pals.
     It isn’t that hard to wake up at 6:30 when you are doing the Lord’s work every day.
     Spanish is coming, slowly, high school really helped. We can teach all the lessons, just not very well.
     Sometimes my companion says “howdy” and people look at him weird. (That one is for the Lund boys)
     I have heard that the OJ is about a 50-50 chance of putting you through extreme regret. However I have heard from an inside source that like many things it can be partaken of sparingly.
     Gideon, you asked what else missionaries do other than go to dinner. Imagine all day every day you go over to people’s houses for dinner except there is no food.
     Thanks for your letters and emails everybody! I will leave you with our district’s favorite saying. “Con fe en jesucristo todos es posible!”
Elder Walker

Week 1- On Sundays We Wear Pink

On Sundays We Wear Pink (because Wednesday is P-Day)

     Thank you to everyone who has taken time to send letters and packages! We get almost no down time at all so its nice to have something in the mail.
     My first experience in the Missionary Training Center was one of pure fear. I got up to drop off my bags at my room and two of my room mates were already there, Elder Steward and Elder Low. They told me that the entire floor spoke Korean and have no idea why I would be there. Apparently I was supposed to shrug that fact off and keep moving. Within 20 minutes of being kicked to the curb I was sitting in class hearing our teacher speak only Spanish. I though “this is what Sr. Bogan prepared me for!” as I understood 1 word in every sentence. By the third day my companion and I taught our investigator in Spanish for the first time. We basically just bore our testimony on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for 20 minutes. We have met with her two more times since then and are making great progress!
     On Sunday we walked up to the temple with our district. There are 12 of us in total. 10 elders and two Hermanas. Each person is so much fun and brings a unique spirit to the group. Elder Nelson from Virginia, Elder Hansen from Utah, Elder Kelley from Utah. Elder Schone from Boise, Elder Loader from Utah, Elder Ostregar from Utah, Elder Bayles from Wyoming, Elder Neville from Utah, Elder Ellinghaus from Texas, Sister Hodgson from Utah and Sister George from Provo. All great people! Elder Nelson was quoted being “the crippled missionary who uses humor as a crutch.” And Sister George could rival Tina Fey in an eye rolling competition.
     That night we watched Elder Bednar’s talk “Character of Christ” It was the most amazing address I have ever heard and felt like it was meant just for me almost 15 years later. Despite it being meant for missionaries I recommend everyone watch/listen to it.
     Wednesday is my preparation-day. Its the only day I can email and respond to anyone for the next six weeks. DearElder.com is a great way to get mail to me.
     The spirit is strong and the gift of tongues is real.
     Hablare luego amigos!
     Elder Walker

First Day

P Day is Wednesday, but not today.

My companion is great. His name is Elder Ellinghaus. He is from Denton. Going to Eugene. He likes volunteering for stuff. Which is uncomfortable but good.

Everything goes by so fast.

I’ve heard from multiple sources to avoid the OJ.

I talked to the Honeycutts at dinner.

I’m doing great.

Love you.

Elder Walker