Week 2-Q and A with Elder Bednar

     On Sunday the MTC presidency decided it would be beneficial to watch Elder Bednar’s Character of Christ talk. Despite having watched it 7 days earlier I had no objections. When the video was over and the lights flipped on a door by the stage swung open. Out popped Elder Bednar himself. For the next hour we had a question and answer session. It felt strangely personal for a 1 on 2400 person conversation. He talked about how to always have the spirit with you when you teach.
     Our two devotionals this week were amazing. I practiced with the choir both times and we had amazing speakers.
     I thought I would take this time to answer a few questions.
     My zone is on the 4th floor of building 14. The Korean zone is on the 3rd floor. For some reason I am on floor three with all my Korean pals.
     It isn’t that hard to wake up at 6:30 when you are doing the Lord’s work every day.
     Spanish is coming, slowly, high school really helped. We can teach all the lessons, just not very well.
     Sometimes my companion says “howdy” and people look at him weird. (That one is for the Lund boys)
     I have heard that the OJ is about a 50-50 chance of putting you through extreme regret. However I have heard from an inside source that like many things it can be partaken of sparingly.
     Gideon, you asked what else missionaries do other than go to dinner. Imagine all day every day you go over to people’s houses for dinner except there is no food.
     Thanks for your letters and emails everybody! I will leave you with our district’s favorite saying. “Con fe en jesucristo todos es posible!”
Elder Walker

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