Week 4- My Small Plates

Not much happened this week so I am going to take Elder Bednar’s advice and contribute less to my ‘large plates’ and more to my ‘small plates’.

Elder Ellinghaus and I got to teach the Elders’ Quorum lesson on Sunday about repentance. We read through Enos. When we got to verse nine someone brought up a good question. Have you ever prayed for someone else’s repentance, or to be forgiven? As I get ready to go preach repentance this was an interesting thought. I thought about people at school who I felt didn’t understand how much repentance could bless their lives. I keep them and my future investigators in my prayers daily. We focused on living with a repentance trait, rather than occasionally a repentance action.

Our Sunday devotional was given by the head of the church media department. He showed us all of the church’s first commercials and told us the stories about them and the gospel lessons behind the taglines. It was a very interesting and engaging presentation.
The Tuesday night devotional was given by Bishop W Christopher Waddell (Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric). He emphasized looking outward in service and the difference in serving a mission and just being on a mission. I can’t think of a better message for the people of the world than looking outward. The only way to become more Christ-like is to stop saying my mission is hard or knocking doors is hard and ask what The Lord wants. My favorite thing he said is that we don’t baptize numbers we baptize converts. I really have learned so much about what it really means to be converted.
Thank you all for packages and letters and thoughts. I love you all.
Elder Walker

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