Week 5- Pray for my Trainer

¡Hola familia y amigos!

The MTC is by no means a relaxing experience, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a groove. We get up at 6:30, eat breakfast, and exercise for an hour. We then have 3 hours of class, three times. Before lunch, after lunch, and after dinner. We have two teachers. Each teach a class, then we have personal study. Their names are Sister Evans and Sister Boyce. We practice teaching them and one other investigator named Sergio. They take the personas of investigators they had on their missions. It’s a good experience to see how the react to different ways we can teach. As long as you preach by the spirit it doesn’t matter what you say. We have also taught 2 members through skype and 2 in person. The 2 through skype were from Buenos Aires and the exotic town of Spanish Fork Utah. It is a lot harder talking to a man from Argentina than our white teacher from Indiana. Today I played soccer with Elder Mezzi. He is from Argentina going to Turkey. It is great practice to speak to someone who has no intention of speaking slowly for your benefit.

I love getting to go to the temple every week. An elder in our zone passed out family names for us to do. It looked like he had a stack of about 200.

Our district is great. We are already planning a reunion 2 years from now when we all get back. We all plan on going to school in Utah. I can honestly see myself being friends with these people for a long time.
 There are devotionals on Tuesdays and Sundays. Which mean choir is on Tuesdays and Sundays. As long as you can get to one of those days you can survive. It’s a great experience to be in a choir that numbers up to 1500.
This week’s highlight was the worldwide MTC devotional by Elder Anderson. He talked about how to keep your spiritual light from diminishing despite the apparent monotony of the MTC and sometimes the mission. He talked about how to remain faithful during hard times on a mission. And that there are people looking for you. You just have to be worthy enough to find them.
My flight to Phoenix is Tuesday morning. For some reason I had the idea that I would learn spanish in the MTC… I have 6 days left and I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. Regardless I am excited for something new. The missionary training center is a wonderful experience but it is time for something new. I can’t wait to make a difference. It’s scary but super exciting.
Pray for my Trainer
Elder Walker

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