Blog Post from The Mission Home

Derrick arrived in Phoenix on August 16th at 9am.  We have not heard from him since then but thankfully we were given a glimpse of his first day from the mission blog.  I’ve attached it here:


“After leaving a great group of Missionaries at the departure gates of the airport, we swung around the corner and picked up our next incoming group.  There were 21 all total – 4 Sisters and 17 Elders.  They were excited to finally be in the mission field and to arrive in Phoenix on a 110 degree day.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.  At the Mission Office they completed some preliminary paperwork, had a snack and were introduced to the office service missionaries.  Then they were given a glimpse of the Phoenix Temple and then to the Mission Home for lunch, writing a letter home and a much appreciated nap.   After the nap, there were training videos for bike and car safety.  Then the traditional spaghetti dinner and more training.  Early to bed to be able to rise Wednesday morning and get to the work of being a missionary.”


new missionaries

New missionaries


We can not wait to receive said letter. We are assuming since we didn’t receive it via email that it is coming USPS. We hope that his trainer taught him how to use a stamp (and provided it for him).



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