Arrival: It’s Hot Here

August 16, 2016

Twenty other missionaries got off the plane with me when we landed in Phoenix. One of which was on his way home from his mission in Salt Lake City. President and Sister Griffin met the rest of us at the airport and took us to the mission office. There we met with senior missionaries and filled out paperwork.

We took a picture at the temple and when I say a picture, I mean A picture.  As soon as the shutter clicked, President Griffin exclaimed, “Back in the cars!” and was already 15 yards away.  They weren’t joking about the heat.

We are now at the mission home. We ate and heard from President Griffin and are now preparing for naps.

President Griffin tells me he will put me with a native Spanish and fluent English trainer. I can’t wait to meet him. All is well and as long as I don’t think about going outside, I am pretty excited. I love all of you and can’t wait to tell you more about the field.

I love and miss you,

Elder Walker

PS. Pray I get a car. [Editorial note: Friday I received a call from Tom at the bike shop requesting payment for a $600 bike. We clearly didn’t get the prayer request in time.]




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