Week 7 (AKA Field Week 1)

Tuesday morning moved fast. By 11:00 I was leaving the transfer
building with my trainer Elder Cespedes. I met two other Elders in my
district, Elder Plourde and Elder Vidal, from Lima and Toronto
respectively. They are serving in the same Spanish ward as us. I
unpacked at the apartment and met my roommates, Elder Kartchner and
Elder Walton. After that we went out visiting some potential
investigators. No one was home. We went to a members house for dinner
and I realized I don’t speak Spanish. More visits after dinner, more
vacant apartments.

At this point you may be seeing a pattern of people never being home.
If you were, congratulations. That pattern continued until Sunday
night, 30 doors knocked 1 lesson taught. Elder Cespedes assured me
that this was extremely rare. We even took the advice of President
Griffin and took an ice cream break.

Sunday night was an answer to our prayers. As we walked back to our
car a random person asked us if we could read him something, we had a
great talk and he asked us where our church is. He lives in a
bilingual house and I am worried we are going to have to hand him off
to the English missionaries. As we walked away a car pulled up and
asked us if we had anything for him to read. My companion was in
shock. 2 people in 10 minutes. We ended up finding him in our area
book, he had been taught by the missionaries 3 years ago.

We cleaned the apartment (and the fridge) for an hour this morning then went to the local grocery home depot (Winco) then Burlington to do the only thing that could entertain missionaries, shopping for 6 dollar ties. We went over to some Elders in our districts apartment to hang and email.

We have a strong ward. They like to make fun of me, I don’t know for
what but I do know that every once in a while everyone turns around
and laughs at me. I am confident in my speaking but can’t understand a
thing. The dinner is full through the rest of the month. Last night we
had something called tortillas de papas. Which I decided was just an
extremely large french fry.

I wish I had learned to cook before I had left. If Seth thinks there
is no food at home he is going to struggle on a mission. I made an
omelet the other day. I’d like to think that he’d be proud of me right

We have a car. My companion doesn’t have a license so I have to
drive. The car is always trying to correct my driving, telling me I’m
going too fast. It only took me one day to get my first aggressive
driving violation. Looks like I’m going to need a bike.

We have lots of investigators and a couple of them are progressing.
I’m so excited to get out and really make a difference. Thank you all
for your emails and support.

Elder Walkerimage1 (1)


2 thoughts on “Week 7 (AKA Field Week 1)

  1. Love Derrick’s letters. I had no idea he has a future career as a comedy writer. But, I do know he will be a great missionary.


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