I Think I Could Get Used to This

This week we went to pick up my bike. Which means good bye 24/7 air
conditioned car. The first day out was Thursday. We went for miles in
the hours between one and five in the Arizona sun. We had no success.
The longest we talked to one person was the old racist man who pulled
over to threaten to call the cops. I can’t say I was really looking
forward to the next day.

Friday morning we got a call from the Mission President. He told us
that the area that we were covering and the number of investigators
would double by morning. We took that as a sign that we were allowed
to use the car again.

Since then we have been frantically visiting all the investigators in
our book to let everyone know that we were there for them. I’d be the
last to complain about having too many investigators but I also won’t
admit that we aren’t a little stressed. We have five people on date to
be baptized in the month of September and about another dozen
progressing investigators.

Diego and Osiel (the two miracle investigators from last week) are
progressing. We taught Diego the first lesson and he responded well.
He even brought a friend to listen in. We had to refer him to the
singles’ ward elders so I don’t know if we will get to teach him

Yesterday we went to teach a man named Jesus, he had come to church
completely unexpected earlier that day. Before we even sat down he
started ranting about how his girlfriend lost all his money and broke
up with him. After about 35 minutes of this he turns and says “¿Qué es
su opinion? ¿Qué piensas que debo hacer jovencito?” I guess he hadn’t
quite figured out that I don’t speak Spanish so I rattled off an
answer and read a scripture about comfort.

This morning we got to hike North Mountain. It’s always important to
have a way to relax.

The gospel is strong here. Members and non-members alike are ready to
hear our message. We are blessed with plenty of people to teach. I am
grateful for my parents and young mens leaders in my life who helped
develop my testimony at home so I could begin focusing on my
investigators immediately. I can’t wait to let you all know how much
my investigators have progressed by next week.

I am great, the food is great. Some guy was walking around and gave me
an empanada at church yesterday. I think I could get used to this. It
is like going to Torchy’s every night. Eli would be jealous.

Thanks for all your thoughts and emails.

Elder Walker


North Mountain 8/29/2016


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