One Investigator and a Family of Gringos

This week we are still adapting to losing the other two Spanish Elders
in our ward.

We have one investigator named Mari. We took her to the visitor center
at the Mesa Temple. Her daughter, recent convert mother, and two
members came with us. We watched the Joseph Smith movie and a movie on
God’s Plan for the family. We took a picture in front of the temple
afterward. Mari, who is 8 months pregnant, elected to stay inside.

About 5 minutes into sacrament meeting. A family of gringos walked in
and slid past me in my row. It was great to see the Mendenhalls all
the way from Texas.

I tried horchata this week, its just icing that you drink. Also took a
bite out of a cactus, it tasted like it would be better used as a
leather bracelet.

I know that through patience and diligence I will be able to master
Spanish. Right know its tough. But I just need to keep bearing
testimony and the lord will help me do the rest.

Thanks for all the emails and thoughts.



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