Rocks are the New Grass

This week we had zone conference. It is the first time I met most of
the people in the other district. The mission set a goal to get 80
baptisms next month so we talked a lot about contacting and setting
good first impressions. We read an article about how to better assess
the needs of investigators.

My companion and I are getting along well. He is proficient at finding
ties, finding investigators, and kicking rocks. In that order. Luckily,
rocks are the new grass here so he is always entertained.

Our zone leaders want us to have at least 10 hours of finding a week.
Finding is when we look for potential investigators and part member
families. We have been struggling to get that ever since our are area

Our district is great. We went bowling today for district activity.
Every time I go bowling I’m reminded how much I don’t like bowling. Then
we had dinner at the place I ate cactus at. Except this time I kindly
declined it.

Mari is having her baby soon, I think she is going to wait to be
baptized until afterwards. I need to be patient. With time I think all
of our progressing investigators will be baptized.

Keep sending emails and pictures.

Love all of you.


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