“Ohhh, It’s Elder Walker”

This week was full of new experiences. We didn’t have district meeting
this week because we had a “joint district meeting.” Nobody in the
zone knew what that meant but it could be inferred from the name that
it was just a zone meeting. We found out that it was President
Griffin’s way of checking in on us as a zone. We opened the meeting
and we all sat down silent and in the middle of the circle was the
mission president. He proceeded to walk around the circle and check
everyone’s iPads and look at what apps we had used and for how long. I
didn’t think that there was anything to be worried about for anyone
until I saw Elder C’s iPad. His number one used app was 8 hours
on “Recently Deleted App.” When we asked what it was he said, “I like
looking at yahoo weather.” When we asked why he would delete it he
answered, “because it’s always wrong.”

Saturday morning was zone service. We legitimately ripped out grass
and put in rocks. The lady in charge just kept saying “oh look how
great it looks.” It looked terrible. You might as well just move all
the houses 10 feet closer to the road and get rid of the yard all
together. I don’t know how humans can live in a place where not even
grass grows.

That day I got to go on an exchange with one of the zone leaders since
my companion is the district leader. We did a lot of contacting and he
showed me lots of ways to approach people. I’m sure I enjoyed it much
more than he did because I got an opportunity to talk to a lot of our
investigators in Spanish without Elder Cespedes. About half of the
phone calls I made started with me saying “sorry, can you talk slower”
then them saying “ohhh it’s Elder Walker.” But the other half I nailed
:). I am afraid I won’t be able to use the excuse that I don’t
understand anymore. I’m far from knowing what is going on, but the
excuse is fading.

On Saturday Bishop asked us to take over the baptisms for 2
part-member-family children in the ward. Which doesn’t mean anything
in the long term but it does mean we are two baptisms closer to the
mission goal of 80 in October.

This P day is zone activity. We played gaterball. Its too complicated
to be worth explaining. Its always fun to hang out with other

I’m really excited about the coming weeks. We have a lot of potential
and I can’t wait for it to develop.

Thanks for your support and emails. They never fail to entertain me.


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