Barely surviving the 1st Transfer

This week I went on two more exchanges. One of which was with
Elder Diamante. He is a great missionary. If it wasn’t for his his
rebelliousness I’m sure he would be an Assistant to the President. I
watched him teach someone the first lesson and put them on date for
baptism immediately. We got 30 contacts that day. More than I ever had
in a week. I always love learning from more experienced missionaries
but I also love just getting a chance to teach in my broken Spanish.

This week is transfers. Only one missionary is leaving the district
but we are gaining 3. 2 Sisters and an Elder. That puts us at even
numbers of Elders and Sisters so that means no more district
activities. 😣 Elder Cespedes and I are losing half of our area to the
new Sisters. Usually we would be happy to have the work split in half
so we could focus more on individuals but instead of cutting the
number of investigators in half they split it by area. That means we
have the affluent neighborhood and they get the humble
Hispanic neighborhood. It will be tough. The ward has 3 baptisms set up for
October and I can’t wait to tell you all about them (even though we can no longer teach them).

On Friday there was a trainer/trainee meeting. Its good to get
exposure and learn from the APs and President. He sure is scary though,
I ain’t gonna lie.

Other than that, this week has been a race against the miles on the
car. Us versus the number 1100. Looks like we are biking until the

I miss everyone at home but I want you to know that I take comfort in
the knowledge that I am exactly where God wants me to be in my life.
Like any parent God wants the best for us. The best for when their
child grows up. Not the best right now. The only way you won’t be
facing God is for you to turn your back away from him. He will always
be there for you.

Until next week.



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