Always make sure to invite your “Mormon Friends”

This week featured my first baptism on the mission. It is such a
blessing to get to see an investigator progress from knowing nothing
about the church to having a testimony and being baptized. He was so
happy, he made sure to invite all his “Mormon friends” to come and
see. Elder Cespedes was shocked that everything went smoothly and
according to plan, until we found out that he ripped his jumpsuit
superman style to get out. 😂 If something has to go wrong I guess
that is alright with me.

As someone who was born into this church I haven’t had to sacrifice
much. But I know that my testimony has grown seeing people being
slowly converted to the gospel as they give up things in their lives
that become insignificant with the knowledge that our Heavenly Father
has a plan for us.

(Apart from a baptism) Nothing too exciting happened this week. The
sisters have still evaded the housing coordinator long enough to stay
out of the roach apartment, which by the way has now gone abandoned
for another 3 weeks.

Spanish is getting easier, slowly, but surely.


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