Happy Halloween

This post is coming late due to a district activity we had today. We
barbecued lunch then went mini golfing. Today being Halloween our
Mission President doesn’t want us to proselyte tonight. It sounds like
we will be playing board games and taking naps.

We had the trunk or treat and the primary program this week. Both of
which draw a bigger crowd than a normal sacrament meeting. But that’s
to be expected because Hermano Pineda was on the grill for the trunk
or treat so I cant blame anyone for getting excited. The activities
made me miss Keller 2nd.

Some of you may have noticed that my Facebook account became active
again this week. At week ten missionaries get to use Facebook. It is
helpful to maintain contact with our investigators while at the same
time keeping friends at home informed on what kind of work I am doing.
I cant promise how much I am going to use it but feel free to friend
me (Elder Derrick Walker.)

We found 5 new investigators this week. That is crazy. Usually 2 is
good. That being said we have 15 new investigators this month. So look
forward to a lot of baptism pictures in the months to come 😉. That
gives us another week of Standards of Excellence. Two weeks in a row.
We are pretty happy.

I don’t have any pictures again this week. Whoops. So I will give you
this selfie of me with a tie that I traded with Elder Wheeler. It used
to be big and fat and he opened it up and cut it to make it smaller. I
am very pleased.



2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. You seem to have a very resourceful companion. How are your cooking skills coming? Did you give
    away all your Halloween candy? I gave mine away in 50 minutes and I started too hours too late!!!!
    They still ring my bell with the lights all off. There ought to be a Halloween curfew!!!!!
    The problem is we aren’t have a very cold night and there is no rain or snow.
    Love, Nana


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