The Annual Mexican Turkey Bowl

This week we started off with another mini zone conference. President
spoke to our zone about the personal conversion that we can go through
on our missions. We watched talks about self mastery and how important
repentance is. In the meeting, president pointed out how young the
mission has become. 6 out of 18 missionaries in our zone are training.
Making me seem much more experienced than I am.

On Thursday we had to kick off the YSA ward in order to make room for
our annual Mexican Turkey Bowl. Which as you can assume, is just
soccer. One of the English Elders who was playing with us said that
our game of soccer was a lot less contentious than their game of
football. I assume he said that because he couldn’t understand what
the two teams were saying to each other. I personally have never been
schooled by so many 50 year old men at one time. It was a humbling

Later that day we ate dinner with the Bishop and their extended family. It
looked familiar. Lots of little kids running around. Just more

Since Friday, we have been traveling around to members and non-members
alike introducing them to the new church initiative #LIGHTtheWORLD. It
centers around the service and miracles that Christ provided in his
mortal ministry and how we can do little things in our daily lives to
be more like Him. I recommend everyone go to to check it
out. Every day in the month of December there is a new trait and
invitation on how to be more like Christ. I am excited and I hope that
you can all take the challenge with me.

On Sunday our stake put on a piano concert aimed on generating
referrals. It was a great success, lots of people came and everyone
enjoyed it. The one downside was that there weren’t any referrals.

We had a baptismal interview for two of the kids that we have been
teaching. If everything goes well I will have a baptism to talk about
next week.

Here is a picture of the Christmas tree that we set up and decorated
in our apartment. I don’t know about you but I think it is decorated
quite appropriately.

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!



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