Merry Christmas

Christmas week is interesting in the mission. A lot less working, a
lot more sitting around. That sounds great until you remember that at
some point you have to get back to work (I just have to push through
until the 3 day new years weekend). At least it broke up some of the

Christmas seemed to start on Wednesday this year. President took the
mission to Mesa. We went through the visitors center, did a session at
the temple, looked at the lights, and went to a buffet. Long day, but
it was fun.

Christmas Eve meant lots of Volleyball and ping pong for our zone in
the morning. That afternoon we had dinner with the bishop and his
extended family. The same people who had us over for Thanksgiving dinner.
They continued the tradition of having both a nativity and a santa’s
workshop after dinner. Also continuing the tradition of making all the
guests participate. I think Elder Clough got the short end of the
stick being dressed in the santa costume for over an hour.

Sunday night our little house of Elders was treated to Christmas
carolers. Of all people it just so happened to be Huffman cousins all
the way from Scottsdale. What a crazy coincidence! It was great to see

It was great to talk to my family this Sunday. It’s something that all
the missionaries look forward to, than it passes, and we are left
looking forward to mothers day. It was weird, that’s about all I can

Thank you for all the christmas packages, christmas cards, and
christmas emails. I hope you all had a wonderful Christ centered


Painful Singing, Flaming Muffins, and a Ton of Tomales

This week was the ward Christmas Party. A couple weeks back they asked
if we could do a musical number. Last week, when there were only 2
missionaries in the ward, they came to us to confirm. We told them that
we were going to sing a song and they looked really disappointed, “you
are not doing a skit?!” So I guess we are doing a skit. The day of the
party we went to look up ideas for a skit that was both funny and in
Spanish. Failing to find anything, we settled on a song. Elder Clough
and I sang a song called “Burrito Sabenero” and played our ukuleles.
We recruited a couple other people to sing with us too. Right after we
finished, it was dead silent. Apparently nobody could hear us so no one
noticed when we ended. The bishop had to tell everyone to clap. It was
very painful.

Sunday morning we woke up at 4:30 to go to a ward activity. We drove
to downtown Phoenix where the ward would be passing out food near the
homeless shelter. We passed out more tómales than I have ever seen in
my life.

We have a lot more investigators now that the areas are together. We
set a baptism date yesterday named Joseph. His family is awesome.

We got these glasses that turn Christmas lights into candy canes. Way
too entertaining.

Today is Elder Robbins’ birthday. We lit a giant muffin on fire.

This Wednesday we are going to the temple in Mesa to see the Christmas
lights. I cant wait to tell you all about it next week.


The Impact of a Missionary

This week was a little more eventful than last.

We had another zone meeting. At the end Elder Pennington and Elder
Peterson gave their departing testimonies. So much of our zone is so
young it was weird to see people go home.

On Saturday we went to Elder Pennington’s last trip to Waldo’s Tacos.
It is a taco truck in our area. All of the employees are people from
the ward who just work there in the evenings. They have tons of
different food and let the missionaries eat for free. (I think we are
going to go again tonight.)

There was a farewell for a young man in the ward. On Monday he
reported straight to his mission. No MTC. After church we went around
saying goodbye to some of the families with whom Elder Pennington had
developed good relationships. It is amazing how much of an impact a
missionary can have on peoples’ lives. Elder Pennington really touched
a lot of people. Monday afternoon a member came and picked him up to
take him to the mission home. I stayed with Elder Salinas and Elder
Clough, the other Elders in the ward, for the rest of the day.

This morning we got the transfer news. Because 2 Spanish Elders were
coming into the mission and 4 were leaving, my area was closed down and
there will only be one companionship in the ward. Instead of
transferring me out of the ward I will stay and be Elder Clough’s
companion. Elder Salinas is going to my first ward in Monte Vista. He
was also the one that was there before me. He is excited.

A few times this week we have gone caroling to different members
houses with our 4 ukuleles. It has been really fun. The biggest
struggle has been finding the words to different songs in Spanish. I added a
picture of the couch in our new house.

I’m looking forward to having more work in the bigger area. Thanks for
all the emails a letters.

Love you all.

Elder Walker

“Apologies in Advance”

This week we did a lot of service for members and sharing
#ILUMINAelMUNDO in order to get referrals. Lots of Christmas lights.

The only real highlight this week was a baptism Sunday night. I got
the privilege of baptizing Angel. I will confirm him next Sunday. The
baptism was for him and his brother. It was an amazing service.

We haven’t found any new investigators yet here.

I’ve received lots of packages from the ward. Thanks so much!

I hope there is more to report on next week.

[So do his parents. We knew this letter would be short when he sent an email before apologizing for this email]