Painful Singing, Flaming Muffins, and a Ton of Tomales

This week was the ward Christmas Party. A couple weeks back they asked
if we could do a musical number. Last week, when there were only 2
missionaries in the ward, they came to us to confirm. We told them that
we were going to sing a song and they looked really disappointed, “you
are not doing a skit?!” So I guess we are doing a skit. The day of the
party we went to look up ideas for a skit that was both funny and in
Spanish. Failing to find anything, we settled on a song. Elder Clough
and I sang a song called “Burrito Sabenero” and played our ukuleles.
We recruited a couple other people to sing with us too. Right after we
finished, it was dead silent. Apparently nobody could hear us so no one
noticed when we ended. The bishop had to tell everyone to clap. It was
very painful.

Sunday morning we woke up at 4:30 to go to a ward activity. We drove
to downtown Phoenix where the ward would be passing out food near the
homeless shelter. We passed out more tómales than I have ever seen in
my life.

We have a lot more investigators now that the areas are together. We
set a baptism date yesterday named Joseph. His family is awesome.

We got these glasses that turn Christmas lights into candy canes. Way
too entertaining.

Today is Elder Robbins’ birthday. We lit a giant muffin on fire.

This Wednesday we are going to the temple in Mesa to see the Christmas
lights. I cant wait to tell you all about it next week.



One thought on “Painful Singing, Flaming Muffins, and a Ton of Tomales

  1. Love hearing about your mission! Good job singing at the ward Christmas party. You guys are good sports!! Glad you get to go see the Christmas lights! 🎄

    Merry Christmas!!


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