Merry Christmas

Christmas week is interesting in the mission. A lot less working, a
lot more sitting around. That sounds great until you remember that at
some point you have to get back to work (I just have to push through
until the 3 day new years weekend). At least it broke up some of the

Christmas seemed to start on Wednesday this year. President took the
mission to Mesa. We went through the visitors center, did a session at
the temple, looked at the lights, and went to a buffet. Long day, but
it was fun.

Christmas Eve meant lots of Volleyball and ping pong for our zone in
the morning. That afternoon we had dinner with the bishop and his
extended family. The same people who had us over for Thanksgiving dinner.
They continued the tradition of having both a nativity and a santa’s
workshop after dinner. Also continuing the tradition of making all the
guests participate. I think Elder Clough got the short end of the
stick being dressed in the santa costume for over an hour.

Sunday night our little house of Elders was treated to Christmas
carolers. Of all people it just so happened to be Huffman cousins all
the way from Scottsdale. What a crazy coincidence! It was great to see

It was great to talk to my family this Sunday. It’s something that all
the missionaries look forward to, than it passes, and we are left
looking forward to mothers day. It was weird, that’s about all I can

Thank you for all the christmas packages, christmas cards, and
christmas emails. I hope you all had a wonderful Christ centered


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