The big news this week is that the new mutual music came out. It also has
all the chords so I’m learning how to play it on the ukelele. We are
pretty pumped.

This week I had two close calls with menudo. Menudo is a soup made out
of the stomach lining of a cow. Look it up. We went to one house for
dinner and the member said, “Just so you know, I have menudo, do you
like menudo?” I was about 1000 percent sure that I didn’t, but for
some reason I decided to tell the truth and responded that I have
never had it. Luckily she then said “you’re not trying menudo for the
first time in my house.” Disaster averted. Saturday’s dinner
unfortunately didn’t have the menudo ready in time so we had to take
it to go. It is staring me down at this very moment.

We thought we had New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day off, but president
texted us on Friday and told us we just got Saturday night off. So
like any other sane person we went home and went to bed early on New
Year’s Eve.

Yesterday I gave my first talk in Spanish. It was about goals,
obviously. It was pretty painful. That’s all I have to say about that.

Hope you all had a great New Year’s.

Here is a picture from a few months ago of us setting up Christmas
lights for a member.

Elder Walkerimage1-15


One thought on “StomachCeption

  1. Greetings to Elder Walker,
    I love getting your letters (cryptic though they may be). The good news is that you are keeping your droll sense of humor. I spent Christmas with Allison’s family and was there when Simeon came home and was released and 30 seconds later stood in the circle that set Christian apart to go to the same mission his brother had just been released from. I came home the next day with Christian on a flight to SLC and fed him breakfast at The Other Place Restaurant and drove him to the MTC. Andrew had arrived with his family at my house the day before I came back and will be with me until January 13. Then I have high dudgeon in order to catch up a gazillion projects that have been on hold for what seems months. Nana


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