They will likely be disappointed

This week we had interviews with President. They went well. All we talked about was the new mission president coming in. He is pretty excited. He says that he is a young guy, he owns a lot of restaurants, and he speaks Spanish. That’s all the details he would give me.

On Thursday, Elder Clough decided that a few of us would be performing a musical number in some meeting the next day. Video is included.

[actually, video can’t be included on this free wordpress account. The video is spectacular!  I will post a link on my (Launi’s) FB wall. You can also request it via email at]

Thursday night we went over to a recent convert’s house for Día de los Santos Reyes. Apparently, it is tradition to eat this ring of bread called Rosca de Reyes. Hidden inside the bread are these muñecos (tiny plastic baby dolls.) Since I found one of the muñecos I have to now provide a feast on February second. They will likely be disappointed.

Friday we had some meeting, it was a tad long, like 3 and a half hours (ish). One of the elders gave his departing testimony and we surprised him by singing and playing his favorite song, Take Me Home Country Roads. It was cute. 😜

On Saturday, we helped decorate the primary room for the new theme “Has lo Justo” or choose the right. I was pretty happy with myself. That night we decided to take advantage of the temple being in our area and drove up to do our nightly planning. It was really beautiful.

By far the funniest thing that happened this week was when I discovered that my nine year old brother signed me up for the Pokemon Go newsletter. I can’t stop them from coming because the unsubscribe link is blocked on my iPad. Nice troll Gideon, nice troll. 😂

I think I will be staying in Agua Fría with Elder Clough for a few more months. But president has been known to change his mind, who knows.

Thanks for all your emails. I love reading them all every week.


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