Chilling with Peacocks

This week I had two exchanges. One with the other zone leader, and one
with his companion. For the first one, I stayed in my area and for the
second, I went with Elder Connover to his area in Peoria North. It is
no wonder I haven’t really gotten homesick yet, none of the people in
my wards have really been very similar to mine. That’s not really the
case with the English wards. It was weird, to say the least.

We had a lesson in the park. We chilled with a couple of peacocks. We
had a couple of good lessons this week and tracked down a couple of

We did some service at a thrift shop in the old person neighborhood.
This week we have a multi zone service coming up in Phoenix. We don’t
really know what it is yet but I’m excited because most of the Spanish
missionaries in the mission will be there. I’m excited to see some of
my friends.

This Saturday we are going to go to the temple. It will be my first
session in Spanish, I don’t know how that’s going to go. I’m a bit

This P Day we played soccer with some of the men in the ward, that’s
always a humbling experience. After that we went hiking with a family
in the ward. The perfect weather here seems to be the first half of
January. We are trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

We have been doing Spanish lessons with Elder Clough, just like
school. They are surprisingly helpful.

This week we are going to try extra hard to work to find referrals
from members. We have a few and I’m excited to work together with the
members in the coming weeks.

I’m sorry I don’t have much time today. We have been busy. Have a great week!



One thought on “Chilling with Peacocks

  1. Okay, I am going to see if this really replies to you. Your lessons in the park looked a little like a polygamist family since there were many more peahens than peacocks! They were lovely though.

    We too in our ward are trying to do more service. For Christmas time we gathered new underwear and socks for men women children at our Ward Christmas dinner and took them to the homeless shelter “Christmas store” for homeless people and families to choose and take away. I was so proud of our ward. We must have gathered $3000 worth of them and it filled my Subaru. Last week we made 70 sack lunches for the children in day care at the homeless center. It was very sad to go down there and see streets full of tattered, hopeless looking people, and try and get into the Homeless center to deliver things. The center is locked down behind two different sets of filthy locked doors and people are wanded when they come in.

    When I came back to SL after Christmas, Andrew and Sarah and Grace and Abby were here already. They stayed for over two weeks which was such fun. I get to babysit to girls in March while Andrew and Sarah go to London.

    I now only have Simeon and AK in Utah but they come to see me several times a week. I generally have them for Sunday dinner and Ak often comes other times to eat or watch TV. We are going through Downton Abbey with her, then probably all the Star Wars and finally all the Harry Potters (for me—I have only seen the first two.)

    Love hearing from you and seeing pictures of your handsome self! Nana


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