I felt pretty happy with my day

This week we had an awesome service opportunity. The Phoenix zone
leaders emailed us  and told us to be at the
downtown stake center at 6:30 AM on Thursday. We didnt really know
what we were doing but we knew that there would be a total of 5 zones
there so we were pretty excited. It was an activity where homeless
people would come and we would guide them to all these different
stations where they could get insurance and ID and a ton of different
stuff. It was a lot of fun helping out the people. But by noon 90% of
the homeless people left so it was just a missionary hangout until
three when we could start cleaning everything up. I met a lot of new
people. Almost all the Spanish missionaries were there and so I got to
meet all of them. I saw everyone from my last area including my
trainer. It was a lot of fun.

On Friday we found 2 new investigators. They seem really solid.

That night we went to our wards volleyball activity. I blocked the
bishop so I felt pretty happy with my day.

Some other missionaries saran wrapped our car. We will get them back soon.

This Wednesday we have a worldwide missionary broadcast. Last year it
was focused on preach my gospel fundamentals. This year there are a
ton of rumors. Word is they are completely changing the daily
schedule. They are piloting it in a couple zones. We will see what

The highlight of the week was that Elder Clough and I took our
quarterly trip to the temple Saturday morning. We went at 7:30 in the
morning because it is the only Spanish session that isn’t during prime
proselyting time. I understood a surprising amount. It was awesome.
The spirit was really strong, even in Spanish.

Next week P Day is on Tuesday because of transfers. So i will talk to
you all then!



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