Family History is so cool!

This week the mission allowed us to bring a recent convert to the
temple to do baptisms. We worked with Jenna; a convert who was
baptized just before I came into the area, and showed her how she
could start her family history work and hopefully perform the
ordinances for some of her ancestors. A few days after we had talked
about starting work on familysearch she texted us and told us that
after she entered her grandpa all of his ancestors filled in. She was
super excited it was so cool. We went to the temple and she was
baptized for five of her ancestors one of mine and two of Clough. It
was super cool.

We got transfer emails this morning. My companion is double in
training district leader in Pheonix, he is kind of freaking out. All I
know is that I am staying here. The whole mission is meeting in the
Peoria North Stake Center and President is going to explain what is
going on. We think that all the zones are getting changed since 4 new
stakes have been created since I was born into the mission.

We have a couple good progressing investigators. I’m going to try and
get one of the kids baptized this transfer so that Elder Clough can
come back for the baptism.

I will let you all know how transfers go next Monday!


Elder Walker



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