We got an email last week saying that president wants every missionary
at the transfer building, not just the ones being transferred. About a
year and a half ago they stopped doing transfer meetings, that was
when everyone will come in the chapel and president would list off the
companionships. This time president said that the change was so big he
wanted everybody to hear it. We all sat in the chapel and he listed
off zones, districts and companionships. Just like a transfer meeting.
All the zones got restructured and we got new zone leaders. My new
companion is Elder Huaiquiñir. Elder Robbins left so my roomates are
Elder Towle and Queresma. Elder Huaiquiñir is from Santiago and Elder
Queresma is from Brasilia. That makes Elder Towle the only one in the
apartment that doesn’t speak Spanish. Every once in a while we have
conversations like, “what is this called?” “Eyelid” “are you kidding
me tapa de ojo?!?”

This week we had stake conference with Elder Dyche of the quorum of
the 70. Most of the talks were really focused on member missionary
work. The priesthood session felt like a district meeting. The stake
president talked about extending commitments and members being
involved in lessons. The general session had two recent converts speak
and three young men preparing to leave on missions this summer.

My companion is really happy to be in this ward, not just because it
has the only 6 Chilean families in the mission. We have been getting
lots of referrals and are benefiting a lot from working with members.
It also helps that there are Chilean families though, we visited three
yesterday and they all gave us some kind of Chilean food. We are set
for the week.

We found a few new investigators this week. Im most excited about a
lady named Jesusita. And yes, that translates to “Little-She-Jesus” I
will keep you updated on her.

I’m having a great start to the transfer! I will talk to you all next week!



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