Four 18 year olds shouldn’t live together

This week we had zone conference. My highlight was near the end when
President Griffen showed us one of the mission president’s training
videos (which featured President and Sister Smith!) It talked all
about how youth are most receptive to the gospel and how young
converts grow up to be the leaders of the church. After the video the
APs had all the missionaries that were converts share their stories.
My favorite was my zone leader’s, Elder Amyda. He talked about how he
was one of the first ones from his island off the coast of Micronesia
to accept the gospel, and how after he did he brought almost a dozen
of his friends into the church. During his mission his mom got
baptized and started one of the first Micronesian branches in the
states. All the stories got us really excited to start to work with
our youth more.

A few days ago my mom stopped by when we weren’t here and dropped off
some ice cream and cookies. Our apartment had ice cream for breakfast
this morning, and lunch…. I would make some joke about how this is
why 4 eighteen year olds shouldn’t live together but I think I can
recall doing this at home.

I didn’t take any good pictures this week so here is a picture of my
little brother. Have a great week!




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