I don’t make the rules

On Saturday we, along with about 70 other missionaries, attended a
service project called Peoria Pride. The city organized the project
where they pick one street in the city and all the volunteers work on
all the houses to make them look good. I painted all the trim on a
house. It was taking me quite a while to go up, paint, go down, move
the ladder and repeat. That is until Elder Amyda shimmied up there and
just painted with two limbs hanging off the roof. So many things that
we can learn from the Zone leader.

This week we had the baptismal interview for Joseph Y. He is a
youth of a returning less active family. We have been working with
them for a long time so we are really excited. Elder Clough will get
to come back for to the area for the baptism so that will be cool. It
will be on Sunday.

Today a sister from one of the English wards (shout out Sister Bosen- I
know you are reading this) took a few missionaries a spring training
game for the mariners. The ballpark is probably less than 5 minutes
away from our house. It was a lot of fun, despite being cold and wet.
I feel like one of the benefits to serving in Arizona should be a lack
of rain, but I don’t make the rules.

This transfer the zone already has more than one baptism per
companionship which means that sometime soon president will be taking
us to the temple. We are all super excited for that.

I’m telling you worrying about peoples’ salvation is exhausting. Why can’t they just come to church and love all the commandments already? Is it that hard!?

Thanks for all your emails! I will let you know how the baptism goes next week!

Elder Walker



3 thoughts on “I don’t make the rules

  1. Dear Elder Walker, I loved your letter this week. Full of news and activities and progress. I love the skills you are learning not the least of which is painting houses. I envy you. I am trudging along and trying to do good and useful things. In a little over a week I am off to Boston to baby sit Grace and Abby while Andrew and Sarah go to England for 12 days. I am keeping the good thought that I will be able to keep up with those very active little girls.

    We still have winter here. I shoveled again today, not much, but enough. I hope it isn’t too cold in Boston when I get there to be able to go for walks outside with the girls. I don’t relish being stuck on the 6th floor of student housing for two weeks.

    Love you lots, Nana


  2. You betcha Sis Bosen is reading this!!!

    Thanks for joining us for the baseball game! It was fun! And for the native Arizonans… we LOVE the rain and for us, it made the game even more enjoyable!!

    You are a mighty great missionary… a joy to know and watch!! Thanks for sharing this experience with us! Carry on…



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