So Many Weeds

We had a district service on Wednesday for one of the Sisters’
investigators. We all pulled weeds for like two hours. Afterwards she
made us lunch. It’s amazing how many weeds 10 missionaries can pull out
of the rocks. I think pulling weeds about accounts for 3/4 of our
service activities.

District meeting was fun. Sister Christley gave a discussion on
improving our morning workouts. So naturally we had a push up
competition. I lost. It was a good time.

Not much happened again this week. Luckily my companion isn’t sick
anymore. So he decided to make his pelvis lopsided and misplace two
vertebrae. So he has been wobbling in and out of bed since Saturday.

Tomorrow is transfers. Our apartment is staying the same so that is
pretty cool. Elder Huaiquiñir will be my first companion that I stay
with for more than one transfer apart from my trainer. As long as we
stay healthy it should be a great transfer!


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