A Lost Principle and 2 Broken Guitars

Friday we had a zone conference. It was really long. There were
discussions on ward leaders, companion inventory, and referring deaf
people. I really enjoyed President’s discussion on faith though. I
feel like a lot of the time faith is hard to talk about because we
think of it as something you just decide to have. He went through the
scriptures and talked about what scriptural evidence we have for faith
being the catalyst for change. Its so important to understand the
phrase “faith unto repentance” I feel like many christian churches
have lost this principle.

One day this week the member we live with came in and ended up
offering to fix these two broken guitars we had in our apartment.
Elder Towle and Elder Huaiquiñir were excited to get them fixed, but
when Brother Lemoine came back he said they weren’t worth repairing…
😦 … so he just bout them two new ones 🙂 The apartment has been
especially musical since then. Brother Lemoine is a homie.

Saturday and Sunday was General Conference. If you haven’t had a
chance to hear the prophet and his apostles speak lately take the time
and ponder their words. Before my mission General Conference was
boring and seemed like it took forever. Its amazing how as your
priorities change so do your interests. I think that is one of the
blessings of the mission.

Every friday our ward gets together and plays volleyball. For the past
couple of weeks one of the youth has been inviting a friend named
Ethan. This Friday Ethan asked us to stop by his house and he told us
he has been thinking about coming to church. We are going to start
teaching him hopefully this week. It is not that unusual to get new
investigators but a member referral who is this solid is 100 times
more likely to progress.

This morning we woke up early and drove a few miles west to the white
tank mountains as a district. It was really fun, mostly because it
wasn’t too hot and there weren’t too many people.

Thanks for all you love and support everyone!
Elder Walker



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