Tracting with an Audience

This week we decided to to go tract through the only hispanic complex
in our area. When we got to one of the doors there was a Jehovah’s
Witness pamphlet sticking out of the door. That wasn’t too rare so I
grabbed it and shoved it in my pocket. I looked around and mentioned
to my companion that we might have to go get the other three that were
on the neighbors doors. He says to me “you noticed that they are
staring at us right?” I turned around and saw a flock of JWs lurking
30 yards away. So like any good missionary we went up and contacted
one of them. As it turns out he was a much better missionary then we
were because he did most of the talking. After he rattled off 5
different scriptures for why Jesus died on a tree I struggled to find
a phrase in Spanish that conveyed the same amount of attitude as “I
couldn’t care less”. Anyway it was a fun experience.

We did some really good work with the ward this week. This Sunday for
third our the whole ward gathered and President Juchau from the
mission presidency spoke and we revealed the ward mission plan. Bishop
is pretty pumped about it. The ward mission leader decided to create a
calendar where members would come out with us every few days. The
first one was this Thursday. We went with Hermano Rossell and
contacted a referral that the English elders gave us. The man said
that he was a Jehovah’s Witness but he knew that that wasn’t right and
was still looking for the truth.

We also went back and delivered the bibles that these three 9 year-
olds asked us for at the Hispanic complex. We talked to one of their
moms and she almost died laughing when we told her the story.

For P Day today the district went to a park and cooked up a bunch of
steaks that some members had given to us. We had chips and ice cream
and soda and then went and played volleyball and soccer. It was fun. I
know that a bunch of people took pictures but I don’t have them.

I’ve really enjoyed studying some of the conference talks again. My
favorite that I read over was Elder S Mark Palmer who gave the talk
“Then Jesus Beholding Him Loved Him” One thing that I learned from
this conference was that we all need to work more on developing
Christ-like attributes, or at least I do.

We did some good work finding this week and I am hoping that I can
follow up with some results next Monday!

Elder Walker


One thought on “Tracting with an Audience

  1. Lucy gave us a FHE lesson tonight on missionary work and we all wrote you letters!! Thinking of you and praying for your success as a missionary!! We love you!!


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