Pray for a Car

Last transfer our zone had more than one baptism per companionship so
President treated us to a trip up to the temple. It is only 15 minutes
away so it wasn’t too big of a trip. It is actually in our area, but
there are no hispanics that live up there so I have been only twice in
6 months. It is always a blessing to be able to make it to the temple.
Plus President payed for McDonalds after and that was chill too.

There were two referrals from the English missionaries that we
followed up on this week. We not only found them and taught them but
also some of their friends and family. That added up to 5 new
investigators. Member referrals made up for 3 more, and we also found
2 street contacting. That adds up to 10, 6 of which were all on Easter
Sunday. That is more than we had from January to March. We are super
excited about that.

Next week P day will be on a Tuesday, due to transfers the day after.
I have every expectation of leaving Agua Fría. I have been here 6
months. I am hoping President drops some hints at interviews tomorrow.
Pray that I get a car over summer.

Hope everyone had a great Easter! Talk to you next week.

P.S. Mom sent color in socks so that what all the pictures are.


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