Fast Sunday again, and again and again

Have you ever wanted fast Sunday dinner every day?

We will get to that later but first, transfers…

I went to the transfer building on Wednesday not knowing where I would
be at the end of the day. I found out there wasn’t going to be as many
changes as I thought. 4 Spanish Elders switched. I went down to the
Phoenix Spanish District with my last companion Elder Clough. The ward
is called Encanto 1st. It is as downtown Phoenix as our mission goes.
To tell you about the number of hispanics in the area, the Spanish
ward covers a smaller area than the english ward. The english ward is
called Maryville. Word is that it has 1200 members. 1000 less active.
And they are still baptizing like crazy in there. That’s the Aps ward.

It is way different than Agua Fría. Not to mention that it is full
bike. It seems like a great ward. It has only been in the mission
since September so not many people know much about it.

I got here and Elder Clough told me that today was the first day of a
40 day fast the ward is doing. Each family will fast for one day
separately. I jokingly said it would have been cool if we corresponded
the dinner calendar and the fast calendar. He looked at me blankly and
said “that is what we did, why?” So for the past week we have been
having a fast Sunday sized dinner every night. I will let you know how
that combats daily biking.

I will talk to you all next week!



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