7 White Guys and a Tongan walk into a Mexican restaurant ….

This week Elder Clough and I discovered a new purpose for our Spanish
missionary work. Learning how to make waters (they call any water
based fruit drink water) Unfortunately we didn’t have enough sugar to
make Gatorade de pepino con limón (cucumber lime) but whatever we made
it definitely had too much sugar to be water.

After this fast Sunday on bike we were pretty hungry. We got to our
dinner and it was some kind of cocktail de camarón y pulpa. I
surprisingly didn’t completely dislike the taste or even texture of
octopus but I sure didn’t like looking at it for too long.

For P Day our district went to a restaurant for lunch called reyes de
la torta. It was weird because it was a packed restaurant full of
hispanics and then 7 white guys and a Tongan walk in and all start
speaking Spanish with the waitresses. I like the Spanish district and
I think that it is a great opprutunity to try to immerse ourselves
more in the language.

I really like this ward. Being on bike is a little hard. Half the days
this week hit 105 and the other days seemed to me like hurricane speed
winds that only point the opposite way that you are. But we stay busy
and there is really good potential. I have never been in an area with
more hispanics then gringos. I hope to be able to update you on some
baptisms before the end of the transfer.

I will talk to you all next week! I will keep you updated on all the
new aguas that we make!


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