Happy Mothers’ Day

Happy mothers day everyone!

We had zone conference this Friday. It was President Griffen’s last
because next transfer we are going to have a mission party instead. He
already started to say his goodbyes. It sounds like he is really
excited to go home. Haha.

Saturday afternoon we went to the church to go to the bathroom before
biking around for a few more hours. It turns out the bishop and two
other people were in the kitchen preparing for the mothers day party 4
hours later. So we spent the next four hours cutting what must have
been at least a billion strawberries. I felt bad because later I found
out that the English ward was having a baptism 20 feet away from us
blasting latin dancing music. They said they couldn’t hear it. I don’t
believe them.

Last night a man stopped us as we were biking home. He said he had
become a drug addict and he really needed help. We talked to him for a
while and he told us his name and told us to look him up. We did and
it turns out that he is a super famous paster who travels the United
Stares and Africa giving spiritual speeches. You know, the kind with
lots of yelling. So that was pretty funny.

Sorry nothing too exciting happened this week. I also got to talk to
my parents this Sunday and so was a lot of fun. My brothers seem to be
changing a lot and I don’t know what to think about that.

Hope everyone has a great week!



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