3 Baptisms and a Birthday!

We had a really good week. Started out with a lesson with a new
investigator named Linda. She is a referral from the Estrella Ward.
She was dating and living with a return missionary. When she found out
that she was living in sin and couldn’t be baptized they were married
within the week. She invited her niece and mom to the lesson. The mom
was resisting a little bit so Linda eventually just said “if you won’t
be baptized you won’t be able to see me be sealed in the temple.” So
it sounds like she is pretty interested in progressing.

I also had exchanges with Elder Salinas (who I served with in Peoria)
and Elder Miller (the Zone leader) and that helped keep the week

On Saturday, Joseph and Michael Yañez were baptized back in Peoria.
Because I left there less than 6 weeks ago we got to go back to attend
it. Elder Clough left 18 weeks ago so he was lucky that he was my
companion. It was an awesome baptism. It was cool to see a lot of the
members from my old ward.

That night we had a family home evening with the Velazquez family.
Afterwards they brought out a birthday cake. After completing the
‘Mexican tradition’ of getting my head stuffed into the frosting we
enjoyed some cake and ice cream.

That night we got to see Sister Bosen from Peoria, and my Arizona
family dropped off a package at our door. So I have 5 tubs of Blue
Bell now. So much for losing weight in a bike area.

Sunday we had a baptism for Gloria, someone we had been teaching. Her
sister came. We have been teaching her too. She was really excited to
be baptized and it was a great experience for the ward and her family.

We also referred a deaf kid to the ASL missionaries. He is the friend
of a ten year old girl in our ward. She just started ‘picking up sign
language’ to communicate them. They are actually in the Scottsdale
mission but they cover our mission too. The kid didn’t turn out to be
interested at all. But it was still cool to see his face when he met
someone he could communicate with.

It was a good week and this is Elder Clough’s last so this one will be even better!

Elder Walker


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