A Week of Celebrations

This has probably been one of the longest weeks of my mission, not
necessarily a bad thing, but a lot of things happened since last PDay.

We will start on Tuesday, I went on exchanges with Elder Wyatt. We
went into his area because he fell on his bike about two months ago so
they want him to stay in the car. He is also 7ft tall so I don’t know
if he is really made for biking. It was really good, he is a really
good missionary. After dinner we got a call from President Griffen. He
told Elder Wyatt that he bought him a ticket home for the next day.
Apparently that bike injury I mentioned was more serious than he
thought. His wrist was snapped in half and he needed surgery. So Elder
Wyatt has been home for about 6 days now, we really hope he can come
back soon. It was kinda scary to see how fast it all went down.

Wednesday morning there was a prayer breakfast for policemen and
firemen at the local college. The word is that Elder Cook of the 12
wanted us to go and help. There were about thirty missionaries there,
enough to make it look like we were running the event even though we
were just nicely dressed ushers. It was fun though. I met this super
sweet little old Amish lady. She was nice.

Thursday was Elder Salinas’ birthday. We were going to buy him a
piñata but they were all super expensive and small. So we filled a
cardboard box with stuff and it worked surprisingly well.

On Saturday we went over to the Velazquez house (the same family who
got me a cake last week for my birthday.) They felt bad that they
hadn’t gotten Elder Clough a cake before so they got him one that said
‘congratulations graduate’. You know, graduate from the mission. It
was funny. He also accepted getting his head pushed into the cake a
little more than I did. Pictures included.

Yesterday was workday Monday, which usually means not much gets done.
It didn’t help that Elder Clough was going home that afternoon. So we
helped him pack and then cleaned up the rest of my junk in preparation
for my new companion showing up Wednesday afternoon.

Tomorrow I will get my new companion, Elder Chandler. He has been out
for 8 months. He has been serving up north in cottonwood for a little
while so we haven’t heard too much about him. Everyone who has met him
has loved him.

I’m excited for the next transfer. Next week I will tell you all about
my new companion. 🙂

Elder Walker


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