Summer is Coming

Summer is coming… actually it officially arrived on Wednesday; which
I think must make Tuesday the hottest day of Spring ever.  Seriously
though can someone verify that because 119* seems a little ridiculous
to be biking around in the Spring. This week has been a whole
different mission, last week was normal, and this week’s planning is
focused on how to stay productive without going outside. I’m not
allowed to wear colorful socks as it my distract from the message but
I’m not sure two stinky teenagers drenched in sweat sitting on your
couch helps you stay focused either. Either way I will survive and get
a few mission stories out of it so its all good.

I hope you all took advantage of 50¢ corndog last Thursday at Sonic. I
only ate 8, but don’t worry I spread it out throughout the day. We
went 3 different times. The same lady served us like 6 hours apart. I
wonder what she thought about the mormons coming and eating so many

We also taught Marco and Bryce this week. They are really cool. Marco
is training to be on the Mexican Para-Olympic team. He doesn’t have
any strength in his legs so he moves around in a wheelchair. He is
jacked though. He was telling us all about how much his max is at. He
said it all in kilograms so I have no idea how much it actually was
but Im sure it was a bunch. We have a baptismal date set for him and
his brother and if all goes well that will happen next month.

On Saturday we got to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead
with some of our recent converts in the ward.  It was a really cool
experience. i got to perform some of the baptisms and confirmations in
Spanish, which wasn’t nearly as stressful as the temple workers were
making it seem. They all brought family names and when we left Hermano
Gomez looked down at the card and said in a satisfied tone, “my mom is
finally baptized.” It was beautiful. The only thing better than seeing
a convert enter into baptism is seeing him go to the temple. In fact
as we were walking out Hermano Paniagua saw the return missionary from
the Tempe mission who baptized him a year ago. We have no idea why he
was there but it was probably the best place for a reunion ever.

The next day Elder Chandler and I gave talks in Sacrament meeting. It
went okay. I will send you mine in Spanish for anyone who wants to test
their mission Spanish (or judge mine), and English for Dad. [note from mom: It was not included in his attachments]

Elder Walker

Pictures include us at the temple, me after biking 6 miles in 116
degrees (can you guess which side i had my bike strap on?), and an old
picture of us at the fathers day party.




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