Agency in Action

This was a short week. Tuesday was P Day and Wednesday was transfer
day. My apartment didn’t change at all but i had to go up for a
meeting. It was cool to have some interaction with the new President.
He is definitely full of energy. Running around the packed gym looking
for someone he hasn’t said hi to.

Friday night we took our investigators to one of the other wards’
baptisms. She liked it and we had a lesson after. It was one of the
most spiritual lessons I have had. Yet, she decided not to commit the
our invitations. Agency in action. That was a tough night. Saturday I
started to feel sick so that entailed some very slow biking. And as if
we were being punished for biking slowly we popped another tire. So
there goes another twenty dollars. I didn’t expect that being a bike
missionary was so expensive.

This is the only picture i have from this week. Elder chamdler
preparing for his hump day with my new toys from mom.



Congrats to Bryce and Marcos

This week we got to meet the new mission president. It was planned to
be done in zone conferences, but he also wanted to interview
everybody. Which meant that it took a while. I think we were there for
a complete 6 hours. That’s a bit too long for a meeting of any kind, if
you ask me, but I suppose it had to be done. We talked about most of
the normal things. And did practice teaching.

The rest of the week was filled with preparing for Bryce and Marcos’
baptism. We rushed around to get everything done and were all ready a
half an hour before it was supposed to start. Unfortunately, everyone
decided to turn up 10 minutes after it was supposed to start. It ended
up being awesome and we got a lot of support from the ward. It all
went really well.

Today we got the transfer news. This last transfer was a little crazy
in the Spanish District. So it will be no more. Now instead of
splitting the zone into Spanish and English, it is in south and north.
I will be the south district leader. So I have to go to a training
tomorrow morning. I don’t think it will be as crazy as last transfer
so it should be okay.

I will talk to you all next monday!

No One is Counting

This week started off with the 4th of July on Tuesday. The day started
slow, not many people wanted to meet with us. In the evening we went
to the Romero’s house for the night. We ate carne asada and siviche
and then we went outside where Hermano Romero set up his DJ equipment
and we sang Mexican karaoke. I didn’t know any of the songs but it was
hilarious all the same. It was fun and I’m glad we went. You always
remember what you were doing for the holidays on your mission.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. I helped Marco try to sign
up for team USA’s Paralympic powerlifting team. That was hard enough
to do in the first place but it didn’t help that I was also the
translator too. I hope that all goes well. I’m not a very good sports
agent so that is probably not a good career for me to take up. He and
his brothers should be getting baptized this week and I will keep you
updated on that.

The new mission president came in and he had a meeting with all the
Zone Leaders and everyone is saying that he and his wife are amazing.
I will have to wait until this Wednesday for zone meeting when we can
meet him. Sister Turville (a senior missionary who has been serving
for like 15 years) said that he might be her favorite president yet.
Which means something because she has met quite a few Phoenix Arizona
Mission Presidents.

Oh and I hit my year mark this week. So now I’m an old missionary. I
don’t know how I feel about that but that does mean I only have 347
days left. Not that anyone is counting. 💼

Elder Walkerimage1 (40)