Agency in Action

This was a short week. Tuesday was P Day and Wednesday was transfer
day. My apartment didn’t change at all but i had to go up for a
meeting. It was cool to have some interaction with the new President.
He is definitely full of energy. Running around the packed gym looking
for someone he hasn’t said hi to.

Friday night we took our investigators to one of the other wards’
baptisms. She liked it and we had a lesson after. It was one of the
most spiritual lessons I have had. Yet, she decided not to commit the
our invitations. Agency in action. That was a tough night. Saturday I
started to feel sick so that entailed some very slow biking. And as if
we were being punished for biking slowly we popped another tire. So
there goes another twenty dollars. I didn’t expect that being a bike
missionary was so expensive.

This is the only picture i have from this week. Elder chamdler
preparing for his hump day with my new toys from mom.



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