This Week was Interesting

I don’t know if God was blessing me for actually keeping my journal
this week or if I just remember more but either way this week was

We had lunch with the Paniagua family again this week. I have never
had a bad thing in their house. After the meal they brought out this
bag of nuts. I don’t know what they were but they looked like little
peanut shaped acorns. So we all started biting the shells off and
eating the little. nuts inside. After 3 or 4 Hermano Paniagua says
“look I found one” and in the middle of the nut itself was a little
worm! It was gross. They tell me this after I eat like 5. Apparently
they are in like 1/10 of the acorn things. Elder miller ate some of
them and he said they tasted better than the nuts themselves.

On Thursday I went to get my bike on the way to dinner and the back
tire was completely flat. It has a slow leak and Im not made of money
so I just pump it up every day instead of buying a new one. So i tried
screwing the cap off and it wouldn’t come off. We tried for 10 minutes
and we couldn’t screw it off at all. So I decided we should just saw
it off. As soon as we did that we realized we were twisting it the
wrong way. I am sorry for the shame this story has brought to my
father, grandfather, engineering teachers and boy scout leaders.

Saturday started pretty good because I found three dollars on the side
of the road so that is totally going to go towards an elote. Then we
knocked on a door and met John Be. He is from Liberia and his friend
was from Sudan. John was crazy drunk and his friend was just friendly
drunk. The friend was actually pretty interested, drunk, but drunk
interested. John was just nuts and yelling that we are the true church
and he will protect us. He was punching himself and spitting all over
the place. We ended up just low key running away as he yelled, “Mr
Chandler! My Walker! You are my bruddas (brothers)!!) John said he
spoke french so we let the french elders know about the situation and
they can do what they want.

We didn’t have sacrament yesterday because almost the whole state got
to view the Tucson Arizona Temple dedication. Most of the members
didn’t think it was a big deal because they just had the Phoenix
Temple dedication a few years ago. I had never participated in one so
I was pretty pumped. It gave me an idea of how excited people were in
the beginning of the restored church to get to have temples and how
excited we should be to have one so close all the time. We don’t often
get to hear the brethren pray let alone perform ordinances. When
President Uchtdorf offered the dedicatory prayer you could feel the
spirit so strong. I love temples.

Today is a kind of weird day. Its a normal Pday (two more weeks until
transfers) but Elder Miller (roommate) is going home. They always have
mid transfer departures in August for all the kids that just need an
extra two weeks to be able to go home and make fall semester. So we
have been running around saying goodbye to people and helping him pack
up. The rest of the transfer we will be in a trio with his companion,
Elder Lewis. But that means we get a car so I’m not complaining.

I will let you all know next week how the trio life is going next.

Week, I have to go move another desk into our tiny room. Hasta luego!

Elder Walker

PS. The bishopric bought us a mini fridge in the clerks office

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We Had a Good Week

We had a good week. Nothing too exciting I’m afraid. We found some new
investigators. Had some of them at sacrament. We are working with Juan
to help him stop smoking. We made a calendar with him with how many
cigarettes he was allowed to smoke each day. Working our way from 1
pack to 0. The end of the calendar has a baptismal date. His wife was
baptized back in April and he is one of the most ready people I have
taught knowledge wise. We just have to work on the word of wisdom. His
story is really cool. And since I don’t have much else to write about
I will tell you a little bit.

Due to the language barrier and some health problems Juan doesn’t have
many choices from work. So he is currently driving vans too and from
Mexico. He was making a measly amount of money, and one day he was
just driving and said what you could call his first prayer. He was
just asking God why his life was so hard and what he needed to do to
fix it. He says that a word popped into his head and he decided to
google it. That word was mormon. He found missionaries and
then the missionaries here. His wife was taught and baptized. He just
has this one trial stopping him. He and his wife are amazing. They
already have such a great testimony of things like tithing and sabbath
day observance; commandments that for anyone else would have been

There isn’t really any thing else that happened that is letter worthy.
We did stop by an investigator who was busy re-waterproofing his
trailer. So we hopped up there in shirts and ties and all to help him
out. It was really fun. It felt like the stereotypical missionary
service opportunity.

Love you all! Hope you are all having fun in the last stretch of summer!

Elder Walker

Shwa shwu shisha

This week unfortunately wasn’t very special. I was getting over my
sickness, while simeltaneously getting all my roommates sick. So that
left us with not much to do in the apartment until Thursday.

Friday I had exchanges with the zone leaders. They are the french
missionaries that cover the stake. That means i finally got to learn
what it has been like for all the english missionaries that come with
us on Spanish lessons. Its not hard to tell what is going on because i
hear the words that are similar to Spanish and english, but i feel
like usually they just sound like Shwa shwu shisha all the time. Later
Elder Campbell taught me about french pronunciation. It confirmed my
assumptions correct. For lunch i took him to go learn about the
Mexican culture that it so prevalent in Maryvale by going to buy corn
with mayonnaise (made famous by nacho libre’s “get that corn out of my
face”) That evening we went to what the french missionaries call
“little africa” its the first African apartment complex they found.
Elder Campbell told me that at the beginning of his mission it took
him a while to figure who was African and who was African-American.
Now he can tell you which region of Africa they are from. So he knows
which ones speak french and which ones speak Swahili. Most of them
speak swahili.

Saturday Sister Bosen took us out to the fanciest restaurant in our
area, a 24 hour IHOP. Shout out Sister Bosen.

The most southern most street in our area has a bunch of mechanics on
it. And each mechanic decided that they needed to own 2 german
shepherds. So yesterday one got out and started chasing us in the
street. It was kind of sketchy but he gave up after a while. I don’t
know if they know that they could totally knock us over off of our

So it was a fun week. Sickness means more book of mormon reading and
no one can complain about that.

Elder Walker