Shwa shwu shisha

This week unfortunately wasn’t very special. I was getting over my
sickness, while simeltaneously getting all my roommates sick. So that
left us with not much to do in the apartment until Thursday.

Friday I had exchanges with the zone leaders. They are the french
missionaries that cover the stake. That means i finally got to learn
what it has been like for all the english missionaries that come with
us on Spanish lessons. Its not hard to tell what is going on because i
hear the words that are similar to Spanish and english, but i feel
like usually they just sound like Shwa shwu shisha all the time. Later
Elder Campbell taught me about french pronunciation. It confirmed my
assumptions correct. For lunch i took him to go learn about the
Mexican culture that it so prevalent in Maryvale by going to buy corn
with mayonnaise (made famous by nacho libre’s “get that corn out of my
face”) That evening we went to what the french missionaries call
“little africa” its the first African apartment complex they found.
Elder Campbell told me that at the beginning of his mission it took
him a while to figure who was African and who was African-American.
Now he can tell you which region of Africa they are from. So he knows
which ones speak french and which ones speak Swahili. Most of them
speak swahili.

Saturday Sister Bosen took us out to the fanciest restaurant in our
area, a 24 hour IHOP. Shout out Sister Bosen.

The most southern most street in our area has a bunch of mechanics on
it. And each mechanic decided that they needed to own 2 german
shepherds. So yesterday one got out and started chasing us in the
street. It was kind of sketchy but he gave up after a while. I don’t
know if they know that they could totally knock us over off of our

So it was a fun week. Sickness means more book of mormon reading and
no one can complain about that.

Elder Walker


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