We Had a Good Week

We had a good week. Nothing too exciting I’m afraid. We found some new
investigators. Had some of them at sacrament. We are working with Juan
to help him stop smoking. We made a calendar with him with how many
cigarettes he was allowed to smoke each day. Working our way from 1
pack to 0. The end of the calendar has a baptismal date. His wife was
baptized back in April and he is one of the most ready people I have
taught knowledge wise. We just have to work on the word of wisdom. His
story is really cool. And since I don’t have much else to write about
I will tell you a little bit.

Due to the language barrier and some health problems Juan doesn’t have
many choices from work. So he is currently driving vans too and from
Mexico. He was making a measly amount of money, and one day he was
just driving and said what you could call his first prayer. He was
just asking God why his life was so hard and what he needed to do to
fix it. He says that a word popped into his head and he decided to
google it. That word was mormon. He found mormon.org missionaries and
then the missionaries here. His wife was taught and baptized. He just
has this one trial stopping him. He and his wife are amazing. They
already have such a great testimony of things like tithing and sabbath
day observance; commandments that for anyone else would have been

There isn’t really any thing else that happened that is letter worthy.
We did stop by an investigator who was busy re-waterproofing his
trailer. So we hopped up there in shirts and ties and all to help him
out. It was really fun. It felt like the stereotypical missionary
service opportunity.

Love you all! Hope you are all having fun in the last stretch of summer!

Elder Walker


One thought on “We Had a Good Week

  1. I have a fried who could not stop smoking. She tried patches , gum, hypnosis. You name it, she tried it with no success. One night she spent in prayer, pouring her heart out, asking for help. Fell asleep finally on her knees, but the nest day she woke up with NO desire to smoke and 15 years later, still no desire. 👍😀


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