Goodbye to President and Sister Griffen

The only thing abnormal about this week was the mission party.  President Griffen wanted one last goodbye with all the mission. The whole mission hadn’t been together since Elder Holland came last June. We played a few painful get to know you games. Then we separated and all the Spanish missionaries went to play soccer in the parking lot. We all unanimously decided that that was a tad bit hot. We went inside and hung out for the rest of the afternoon. We took pictures as the mission and with President and Sister Griffen. It was weird to see all the missionaries that were still out. I also got to say goodbye to my trainer who goes home this transfer. It was weird, but fun, but trunky.
On the way home Elder Miller wanted to stop by a family that he worked with when he was in training two years ago. Coincidentally one that I also worked with in training. It was really fun to see them. The 9 year old was wearing the CTR ring that I gave him at his baptism 8 months ago.
We met a new family this week, The Beltran family. The mom is a member but the kids have never been to church. Their names are Marco and Bryce. Marco came to a baptism from the other ward. He is super awesome and I can’t wait to tell you how they progress.
A little summary about my companion:
Elder Chandler
Age: 20
Mission Age: 8 months
Hobbies: Surfing, watching Star Wars
Elder Walker
PS i am drinking waterunnamed (2)



One thought on “Goodbye to President and Sister Griffen

  1. Love to see your mission posts. Are you melting? Love Grammy.
    PS: the non-birthday card a put in your birthday box (Aunt CeCe and I had a great time shopping for you) was written 8 months ago and never mailed! That is why it sounded kind of weird!!😜


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